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Basic Course Information

The License to Carry (formerly Concealed Handgun License CHL) course is what you need to take to get the LTC-100 form that you turn in to the State of Texas to receive your LTC card in the mail. For questions concerning eligibility,


You must book this course online to attend the course. The class length is between 4-5 hours. We will be going over a lot of information during the course. After running through all the materials, we will then conduct a multiple choice test required by the State of Texas. 


 As soon as the test is over, we will proceed to the range. We will be using Winchester Gun Range located at 6062 E Lancaster Ave #100 Fort Worth, TX 76112.  The range fee is $17.00  and is paid directly to the range. 

You will need NO LESS than 50 rounds for the gun you are going to qualify with. We prefer you bring 100 just to be on the safe side. Targets will be provided as part of the course fee. We will also give you a packet that goes over exactly how to turn in your paperwork and finger prints to the State.

 Upon completion at the range we will all dismiss and go over scores. At that point, you will be free to go home.

 ATTENTION: While this course does go over basic information regarding proper shooting as well as safety rules and range rules, all students must be proficient with their firearms and firearm safety prior to attending any carry class. If you find you have any questions, please reach out to me at (817)480-0859. For the State of Texas Handgun Licensing 

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