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What to expect from the Online LTC Course

• Registration code is valid for one use/redemption and for one student.

• Once a registration code has been redeemed, the student has 6 months to complete the class. After 6 months, class access will be removed.

• Class can be purchased from the registration page.


• Immediate access is granted upon purchase/registration.


• Online LTC Class consists for 4 hours of Audio/Video based lessons.

• Videos are broken into 15-20min segments. Progress is saved at the completion of each segment.

• Fulfills the classroom portion of the Texas LTC/CHL Class.


• The LTC-101 certificate issued at the completion of the class is valid for 2 years. The proficiency demonstration and application with DPS must be completed within the 2 years

Once you have completed the online portion, you will then need to come to a 2 hour class, and then it will be time for the range portion. 


If, you would like to complete the range portion with us, simply click on the link that says "Range Portion Only". There, you can find the next available date to get your License to Carry certifications completed. 

Once you register for the "Range only Portion", you will receive a very detailed email a couple days away from the event, giving you all the details about the event and what to do, wear, bring and expect.


On a basic note... You will be required to have a pistol with a minimum caliber of .22 and no less than 50 rounds of the correct ammo for the pistol you are bringing (rentals available for 30.00$ which includes ammo).

You MUST have eye and ear protection (rentals available), as well as no loose clothing or open toed foot ware will be allowed at the range.

If you have any other questions or concerns, please give us a call at (817)480-0859 or shoot us an email at

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